“Making artistic use of her delicate and beautiful voice, Stern parlays in-depth knowledge of the tunes and an uncanny sense of timing to create memorable interpretations of these classic melodies”

Cadence Magazine

“Her voice is wonderful, soaring with jazzy lyricism..”

Michael Point, Downbeat Magazine

“Romancing the Dark keeps a strong foundation of the well-known jazz compositional techniques…but it borrows from many styles to yield a well-conceived and flowing collection of tunes that is both engaging and enjoyable. “Firefly” begins the romance with a beautiful and subtle waltz ballad that has Stern’s clear tone and diction coupled with a haunting cello line by Douglas Harvey that is an interweaving counterpoint throughout Sterns melodic statement. Stern’s lyrics are certainly poetic and the accompanying booklet really allows the listener to understand and appreciate the true talent and deeper meanings of the lyrics….Stern’s phrasing is always clear and in accord with the musical environment she is singing in, never over dramatic, but keeping the energy of the melody moving forward…grace and elegance…a wonderful offering…a delightful musical journey!”

H. Allen Williams, Jazz Times

“Stern is a gifted artist who simultaneously defines and reinterprets what jazz is today.”

Art Voice, Buffalo Evening News

“When a jazz singer is able to combine skills as a poet, composer, arranger and singer, what type of music is the result? Folk/Jazz/World; but of course!
Romancing the Dark contains eleven selections, nine of the  selections has its own unique instrumentation and orchestration, which provides the perfect emotional setting for Stern’s clear voice to articulate her storylines.
“Beautiful” is the first word of Stern’s lyrics and it sums up the mood and overall presentation…Stern’s singing style is clear and accurate; her lyrics are poetic in nature and give just enough information for the listener to follow the storyline while still leaving room for the imagination to fill in the details. Stern composes and orchestrates a masterful interlude with  three horn players playing counterpoint to one another…the varying instrumentation and Stern’s ability to clearly articulate a melody over creative orchestrations is the key element to the success of “Romancing the Dark”. So many intimate moments really expose Stern’s voice and allow the listener to hear the control and richness of her singing. “Moth” finds Stern’s voice impeccably singing each phrase of the melody with a new orchestrative color.  Stern’s elegant singing, music and lyrics are presented in an array of colors and instrumental settings that result in a unique and poignant listen. What type of music as a poet, composer, arranger and singer make? Creative music! That is the underlying theme throughout Suzi Stern’s beautiful CD, “Romancing the Dark.””

Geannine Reid, All About Jazz

“Suzi Stern has created something really special with 11 of her own songs on this new CD. Stern…exceptional strength and eloquence…More please, Suzi!!”

Jazzcamera, UK (2013 CD Review)

“Stern’s ‘Lament’ stands as one of the finest albums of the decade – a masterpiece of understatement that honors the highest aspirations of jazz.”

Brad Buchholtz, Austin American Statesman

“Besides the pure beauty of the singing, I was rather astonished to discover that almost everything here was written and arranged by Ms. Stern resulting in a disc that has few comparatives…a showcase for not just Ms. Stern’s entrancing vocals and depth-encrusted compositions but her very soul as well.”

Mark S. Tucker, Acoustic Music Exchange

“Singer-songwriter Suzi Stern immerses herself into the tracks, and her personal touch translates to audiences. With music, lyrics, and arrangements written by Stern, the songs embody an intimacy that soothes the listener completely. Romancing the Dark brims with deep emotions expressing love that’s been lost and never forgotten.”

Susan Francis, 5 Stars out of 5 ! Yahoo review

“Stern not only possesses a naturally beautiful voice, capable of exploring all the emotions songs deliver to the artist, but she composed the music and lyrics and is responsible for the arrangements…it is a stunning achievement! Special music from a special lady. Let it seep in!!”

Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewervine Voice, Amazon 5 out of 5 Stars!!

“Stern’s ease with a challenging melody is matched by her improvisational prowess…”

Willamette Week

“Suzi, you’ve done a superb job. You made it sound and seem so easy, giving that melody (Black Narcissus) a voice. Write on!”

Joe Henderson, sax great

“There are plenty of “just jazz singers” in today’s market, but I can tell you that Suzi’s definitely not “just” any singer… listen to the opening track, “Firefly“, and you’ll hear a singer who has “been there” already…I give Suzi (and Crew) a most highly recommended 4.98”

Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation , Romancing the Dark Review

“Stern has created a lasting deep and evocative offering, filled with smart lyrics that are poetic and never trite…a wonderful composer/vocalist.”

emusic review, 5 Stars out of 5